Titus daily devotional thought -  written by Trevor Williams

Titus 1

‘Liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons’   v12

This trilogy of despair against the people of Crete had to have been an over statement.  Was everyone on the island so dreadful?  May be not, but that was the summary of how at least one poet thought of his own countrymen.  At some time or other we all look at someone else and decide what sort of person they really are.  Only one thing is worse and that is finding out what other people think about us.

What do people say behind our backs?  Is your name mentioned in honour or horror?  Are you a joy or a pain to other people?  When others speak of you does it bring a smile or a scowl to their faces?

Often there is a generalisation of one nation in another nation’s viewpoint. Perhaps these assumptions are true, may be false, but what is more important is what God thinks about you.  We are engraved on the palm of the hand of the Almighty (Isaiah 49:16). When he sees you, is his heart glad or sickened?  None of us can be perfect but we can be forgiven, we can be saved, we can be faithful.  God, through Jesus re-creates us and fills us with his Holy Spirit.  We may have been one sort of person but let us enjoy being the new person in Christ, washed, renewed, born again.

Let no one speak of the Christian as a liar, an evil brute or a lazy glutton, my soul must move to the King of Kings who grants us new life.  Let us be about our Father’s business, to do his will so those around us will see none other than Jesus living in us.


Titus 2

Teach older men and women

Every age of mankind has a blessing and a curse.  Often the young see life in front of them clearly and this is a wonderful gift.  Their main problem is lack of experience.  The older person has plenty of experience but can often see little in front of them that can bring a new sparkle to life.  This is a pity.

In the church there is a place for everyone and every age.  The old and the new can and should melt together in perfect harmony, or at least it should try.  Vision and experience is a combination of amazing strength for success.  Even the psalmist in Psalm 11:8-25 prayed ‘O Lord grant us success’.  We all need success as a Christian.  Success in walking the narrow way, success in faithfulness, success in honouring God.

In our passage we see that every age group needs to be taught how to engage with that age group.  There can be a great deal of laughter and strengthening of relationships when old and young can spend time together.  It is a shame when the young do not think the aged do not know how they feel.  Equally it is a shame when the aged forget.  There is little worse in the church than grumpy old people and angry young ones.  But what a thrill and legacy for the future when both can work together.  The young grow into the old, the youth of the church can become its pillars with eyes fixed on Jesus and hearts willing to be changed. The church goes on from one generation to the next.  The power of the gospel is never weakened, salvation does not stop and the cross is not forgotten.  May every soul in the body of Christ learn and develop in spiritual growth with birth, vision and experience.


Titus 3

The kindness……of God ….appeared  v4

I have omitted the love of god in this text so we may concentrate on the idea of kindness.  God’s love is an accepted blessing even the foundation of relationship for the Christian.  It is in and of itself amazing.  This is the love of the parent for a child, a king for his people, a God for the world, but kindness shows a different aspect one which does not have to be there.  Love seems to show emotion but kindness shows practicality.  Love is continuous, kindness spontaneous.  Love is a parent being awake all night with a sick child, kindness is wiping the child’s nose to save embarrassment, love is permanent, and kindness is voluntary.

Kindness is shown from one to another in a myriad of ways but always includes action.  A phone call, a visit, a meal, it has to share itself in order to exist.  Kindness is a gift that is close to ourselves but affects others.

So we see that the kindness of God appeared when we were saved because of His mercy.  We were washed and received by the Holy Spirit to the end that we might become heirs of eternal life.  Our kind God leads us from one generous act to another so that we might be swallowed up in His glory, overwhelmed with His generosity.

With all that we have received as Christians we must now reflect that same kindness to others.  Our eyes should be open to see the needs of others and although we cannot do everything for everyone we can be kind to some as we see that need.  May our hands be gentle in giving and our words tender and true as we offer our gifts to those who need them.  And so we bring our offering to our God who has taught us to be kind.

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