II Thessalonians daily devotional thought -  written by Trevor Williams

II Thessalonians 1

Every good purpose of yours v11

The Apostle is here writing to the congregation of which he is so proud that he wants to boast about them.  It seems that they were having nothing but trouble and persecution.  Paul was in distress that they should abandon their faith and return to their pre-Christian days.  This would cause heart break for him but weaken and destroy those for whom Christ died.  It is worthy of note though that the Thessalonian congregation was standing firm against their persecutors and were in fact reaching out in a positive, decisive manner.

In this little prayer he wants God to bless every good purpose of the church and every act prompted by their faith.  We look at this church and realise that they had plans; plans to be stronger in faith, deeper in devotion, plans that would lead those in Christ to forge ahead with every fibre of their bodies.  Their vision was increased as they saw opportunities for service.  Their leaving was retuned to hear the cries of those lost in sin.  Their hands were more urgent in helping those around them.  Every part of them was given to Jesus.  Here was motivation and inspiration.

But what of us?  Not just as individuals but as churches, congregations of men and women of faith.  Are we content with the same old, same old?  The same old hymns, though we love them, the same preaching though we may love the preacher.  But what of the same old pans, the same old cracked cups, the same old activities.  Are they leading others to the cross?  Or are they barriers of helplessness and despondency?  Are our young people’s classes thriving or shrinking?  Are our offerings joyfully given and sufficient?  Is it so easy to slip into complacency?  Let us look again at our good purposes and acts of faith so that the church will shine bright in our neighbourhoods; a light that leads to Heaven above.


II Thessalonians 2

Eternal encouragement v16

Courage is usually seen in the face of some horror, demonstrated by a fireman, a soldier, something out of the ordinary when danger rises up like a wall for which super-human strength is needed.

Encouragement is something received or given for those times when we as ordinary people have to face spiritual or physical problems.  Why does Christianity have to be so difficult?  Why can’t we be instantly transformed into the being that we want to be; able to fight sin and failure?  Having the ability to say and do what we want so that we can radiate blessings like some sort of stardust.  We try and fail and trying again often leads us to even more failures.

In this interjected prayer Paul asks that Jesus will give the Thessalonian brethren eternal encouragement, not just an occasional boost but be the permanent day to day nature of the believer.  Life does not change.  The Christian is still marginalised, mocked and abused.  But what is inside the Christian is stronger than any soldier or warrior can develop -  Eternal encouragement providing a good hope strengthening the hearts, minds and intellect of every believer in Jesus.

This eternal encouragement is bread for the spiritually hungry.  It is the iron in the blood of the soldier of God.  We have hope, no soft soap dream but an absolute assurance which nothing can make a dent in let alone destroy.

Eternal encouragement goes on day and night, year after year and when life comes to its close goes on into the Heavenly realms.  Our God is on our side.  We have one God and He is ours.  His love is mine with total ownership.  All that he has belongs to us.  Nothing is missing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all.


II Thessalonians 3

Not busy …… busybodies v11

There is something quite tantalising about a good gossip; finding out things that we may have suspected but were not sure of.  What follows is a certain air of self-respect as we chew on someone’s character.  Of course we may well be right; this person or that person may be doing something illegal, immoral or just stupid, things which we would never want to be involved in.  But oh how the talk is so sweet!

The reason for our own illicit thrill is that we are close to the one we have been talking about.  We have failed to keep ourselves busy and have become busybodies.

Everyone on the face of the earth is given 24 hours in each day, what we do and what we accomplish in entirely our own business.  The student who spends two hours in front of a television has 2 less hours to study.  It has often been said that if something needs to be done – ask a busy person to do it.  Time is a gift that will have an ending for us which no one can change, though we have a God who will graciously grant us a second chance, even a thousand chances, He grants us no more time.  Every second we lose is lost completely

What is it we want out of life?  To be able to accomplish something, to be good at something, to realise something.  We all have to fill in the something.  Something at home, at work, in life.  No one wants to end their days being known as accomplishing nothing.  But this is what happens when we are not busy and become busybodies.  Talents lie hidden, skills are ignored, all the dreams we had for ourselves end up drifting away to die like a cloud in the sky.  Today has the same 24 hours, how will we use them?

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