Galatians daily devotional thought -  written by Trevor Williams

Galatians chapter 1

Because of me  verse 24

 It is so easy to remember all of our own mistakes, we know them well.  Sometimes words spoken by us or something we have done which has been out of place in our lives just haunt us by day and give us nightmares when we try to sleep.  Whatever good things we say or do are on the other hand, often forgotten by us, after all we were only doing what we should have been doing.  However in this verse Paul writes that they praised God because of me.  He had much to cause people anxiety and he had destroyed people’s lives and homes, yet his conversion was so complete the same man who once brought tears now brings joy, and joy to the point that praise was given to God because of him.

What can be a surprise to us is that this can happen to us.  It is more than possible that we can cause people to praise God.  Sometimes we may have to put a little effort into things and not forget to let others know how much we care for them.  To say thank you to people we have known and loved over many years not only gives them a thrill, but ourselves as well. Learn to say good things instead of being critical, smile instead of frowning, laugh instead of crying, hug the miserable, be a blessing to all and let them praise God because of you.



 Galatians Chapter 2

Gave me…the right hand of fellowship when they recognised the grace given to me    verse 9

 Each new Christian we meet should receive the right-hand of fellowship; an ancient greeting of love and acceptance.  It is a sign of welcome, respect and receiving them as part of the Christian family.  Churches should be quick to welcome brethren who are visiting the assembly.  Church members should eagerly look out for new people so they may be welcomed.

Some will say, however, that we do not know this new person and they think or act differently to the way we do.  We must be wise in realising that we shall quickly know people by the fruits that they bear.  We do not need to be close to people long before we know their style of language, the thoughts they share or the deeds they perform.  But we must also realise that brethren from other countries may react slightly differently to ourselves.  What is important is their belief in Jesus.  Paul was different to Peter, their experiences and concerns were different and even came to heated discussion, but we are to be peacemakers and before we make judgements on others we must understand what others are saying.  To stand in judgement of others is an unpleasant place to be.  Each member of the church has received the grace of Christ and our abilities and actions can be quite different to others.  We are one in Christ, but being united does not mean uniformity of abilities, the church would be a poorer place if that was the case.

It is right and proper for each Christian to extend the right-hand of fellowship to others.  It is quite wrong to only have friends in our own holy huddle of similar people to ourselves.  Each Christian should try to welcome some else they do not know so that week by week our assemblies are enriched and strengthened as we recognise the grace of God given to others.



Galatians Chapter 3

You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus   verse 26

 This magnificent chapter describes the necessity of faith in Jesus, even as Abraham was faithful four hundred years before the law given to Moses was revealed. It is an amazing discussion that lays before us two choices.  We either follow the ritual sacrifices of Mosaic Law or accept the sacrifice of Jesus.  For those who wish the first, there is no hope but for those whose faith is in Jesus alone, there is life eternal.  This faith is drenched in water at the time of our baptism into Christ and breaks down every social barrier possible.  Racial differences are removed; we stand as one nation before God. Every social barrier has been dismissed; slave or free, implying rich or poor are no more.  Differences between the sexes have gone, all differences between any human is eliminated; we are one in Christ Jesus.  Through this change of circumstance all the faithful and placed into Abrahams family and become the heirs of the promises given so long ago and so far away.  Every blessing is ours.

None of these blessings can be obtained by our works or our own goodness.  All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Whoever we are, we have all fallen short and all through faith have been lifted up not because of ourselves but because of Jesus; the conqueror of life over death.  We are empty vessels filled with the divine.  We are nothing and now made everything. We who tried to gain the victory with God have been given it free and without charge through the shed blood of Jesus.  We were lost but have now been found, we were blind but now see.  It is Jesus and no one else who has provided us with all things.  Our faith can only be in him and through him we have become the inheritor of Heaven itself.  Hallelujah, what a Saviour.



 Galatians chapter 4

God sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, the spirit that cries out, Abba, Father   verse 6

 Sometimes it is possible for the Christian to feel lonely, to feel that they are walking the pathway to Heaven alone.  But this way of thinking is quite wrong.  In the times of our weakness it is the Spirit of the Son who is able to comfort us.  When we are lonely it is the Spirit of the Son who reminds us that we can never be alone.  God’s Holy Spirit is the same as the Spirit of the Son.  When we are immersed into Christ our sins are washed away and in the empty, cleaned out point in our lives the Spirit of the Father and of the Son enters in.  This Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our salvation and the guide for the journey of life.  We may well feel lonely but to be alone is an impossibility since God lives within us.  Jesus himself comes and moves in as a part of the family to live permanently with us.  Indeed he is far more that a guest since his divine presence enters every part of who we are or want to be.  He enters our spirits so they may look Heavenward.  He enters our souls so that we may be recreated and made alive for our day to day progress.  He enters our emotions to raise them up for good.  Then if he changes all about us he must also affect our very bodies.  Our hands become his hands, our feet, his, our eyes, ears, tongue should all be controlled all by Jesus.  His love must surge through our being till like him, we love.  His mercy pouring through our very veins will show mercy to others.  Every part of the Fruit of the Spirit has the opportunity of providing a harvest of goodness in this life for all around us.  God is never mean in his dealings with mankind, his generosity knows no boundary.  God has indeed sent the spirit of His Son into our hearts, so that even now we look upon the power of God and cry out Abba, Father.



Galatians chapter 5

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love  verse 6

 Christians are wonderful people with defined principles and ideals.  The only problem is that we can so position ourselves on a point of doctrine that all other matters fade into insignificance.  What can be most important to us becomes a battering ram if others do not agree with the same amount of ardour.  What happens then is that our faith and manner of being becomes a system of masterful force to the exclusion of love.  Love must be the foundation for our discussions.  Winning an argument is a sad gain for the servant of God.  It is good to study the scriptures and to share our findings, but when our point of view becomes aggressive we have not learned anything, rather we show our ignorance because the very foundation of our faith is removed.  We do not stand strong in faith but wail as a child unable to have our own way.  We are fools and do not show Christ to whom we belong and who has granted salvation to us.

Undoubtedly there are major important doctrines but we must allow God to speak through his word and we must also allow others to consider what God has said and let the Holy Spirit work on the hearts of those who study.  A person who quickly accepts what we say can be the same person who quickly accepts another point of view.

Our demeanour should be to love and in so doing we show the essence of Christ.  If love has to be replaced we have a poor foundation for any discussion. We care only for ourselves and demonstrate ourselves as self-centred.  God forgive us.  Our faith is vitally important to us, never let it go but express it with the love of Christ and allow the Saviour of mankind to win the discussion.



Galatians chapter 6

Brothers   verse 1

 The ties of a family should be important for they show to us what it is like to live together even though we have different styles of doing things.  Paul identifies a number of ways that Christian can show to Christian that we are a family in the church.

First of all we need to be forgiving to those who are experiencing problems.  We must not join in with those difficulties but we must be careful to forgive and get back on with family life.  By doing this we must also not think that we are any better than the one who has experienced the problems.  No one is any better than anyone else.

As brothers in Christ we all need to be thrilled that we are sharing the Spirit of Christ.  We have all fallen short of the glory of God and we are all saved by the same saving grace.  We may have had many faithful ancestors in our family but we are all individually saved by the Spirit of Jesus and each one who comes to Christ is saved in exactly the same way.

Then as a family we realise we are a new creation, nothing else matters.  We are created to have brothers and sisters in Christ.  Christianity is not an isolated relationship.  Every church member is a part of the whole.  Those who have been in Christ longer must nurture those who are recent converts.  Our homes must be open to all and when necessary our finances must be shared with those in difficulties.

Brother and sisters together, loving, caring and sharing the hope of faith and the gospel is one of the greatest blessings for us here and now.  We need each other’s support even if we know the scriptures well and have walked a long time with Jesus.  Make sure that today we do all we can to support our family in Christ.  As we share with others we can also be assured that we shall be supported in return.  Remember we are all part of one family.



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